Georgina Wilding Poet
Nottingham’s first Young Poet Laureate
— 2017/2019
Creative Director of Nottingham Poetry Festival
— since 2019
Founding Editor of Mud Press
— Since 2015

What’s all this?

As you might have guessed, this space is for all things Georgina Wilding poet.

Georgina is a born and bred Nottinghamite, with a first class degree in Creative and Professional Writing. She is also the founding editor of poetry publishing house, Mud Press, and in 2017 was crowned Nottingham’s first Young Poet Laureate.


She has taught poetry in schools such as The Farnborough, Djanogly, and Redhill Academies. She has been Artist in Resident running workshops and producing commissions for the likes of Lakeside and City Arts, The Royal Shakespeare Company, BBC Radio Nottingham and more, and has performed both nationally and internationally at events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the Off Milosz festival in Poland.

If you are keen to attend one of Georgina’s performances or workshops and want to see if there are any happening near you, you can check out her calendar here. Or, if you want to learn more about poetry and how you can work with Georgina in the future, you can fill out a contact form and get in touch.