Currently, Georgina is working on her goal of releasing a full collection of her own work. Until then, she has had the pleasure of featuring in publications such as those listed below…


Small acts of kindness anthology

This anthology was created by Nottingham Peace Builders and launched in 2017. Georgina’s commissioned poem, “of human” features in here, along with works on the theme of kindness from many other accredited UK poets.


Left Lion Magazine

Left Lion is a punchy, independent Nottingham mag. Georgina has been fortunate enough to have her poetry appear in a range of Left Lion issues, but her feature spread can be found in #95.


Rebelotte Press #1

This anthology is a collection of creative works by female artists. Poetry, prose, journalism and photography combine in an exciting new publication designed to champion creativity and empower women. Georgina’s poem “carnival” features here.

Kontent 5
The Rialto 92

Kontent issue 5

Kontent is a literary magazine based in Krakow, Poland, with quarterly releases of prose, poetry, essays, reviews, critical sketches, translations, and short stories from both native and international applicants. Georgina has a number of poems published in this issue, alongside a review of her featured work with thanks to Maria Swiatkowska. You can download a PDF version of the book or learn more about Kontent via the link below.

The Rialto issue 92

The Rialto is a literary journal publishing over 50 poets in their spacious a4 magazines 3 times a year. You can order your copy of issue 92, featuring Georgina’s poem ‘The Gate’ via the link below.



Guest blogging

Georgina is often invited to write for other establishments, whether it be about Learning Design, poetry, or the literature industry in general. You can read up on some of her discussions below.


A WEM Gem – Georgina Wilding, Nottingham’s Young Poet Laureate

An interview with Georgina Wilding, discussing the highs and lows of working as a poet, creative education, and snobbery in literature.

Untitled design.jpg

Georgina Wilding urges for more Room to fail in digital transformation

In her role as freelance learning designer for Learning Age Solutions, Georgina is invited to discuss the importance of accepting and creating room for failure in online learning.


Georgina Wilding writes in response to the pn review

In a controversial piece of literary criticism, the PN review comes under fire from the poetry community. Georgina gives us her candid opinion on the whole debacle here.


Georgina Wilding talks on generational gaps

The Royal Shakespeare Company commissions Georgina Wilding to write a poem and an accompanying blog on generational gaps and what she’s learnt.